Water line of the ocean

Our clients


"As the ReDAPT Programme Manager in Alstom, I have worked with PML Applications for over 2 years during which time we have jointly coordinated several deployments of sample environmental paint panels onto the seabed and also attached to the Alstom 1MW tidal turbine.  I would highly recommend the team for their flexibility, commitment to getting the job done and their ability to deliver on time and to cost, having demonstrated several times on ReDAPT their creative problem solving abilities."

- Paul Chesman

Carnival UK

PML Applications was contracted by Carnival UK and Alfa Laval to conduct an independent shipboard test of the Alfa Laval Pureballast 2.0 fitted to a Carnival UK vessel.

Both parties wanted to be sure that the retro-fitted system was able to meet the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) D-2 discharge standard for ballast water under normal operating conditions. We were asked to attend the ship in Southampton during one of her short routine port visits and sample the ballast water during discharge. Ballast water was sampled over a full discharge of two ballast tanks and analysed for the three IMO D-2 discharge standard categories. All were well within the IMO D-2 regulation standards.

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"Cunard Line engaged PML Applications to conduct acceptance testing of an off-the-shelf Ballast Water Treatment System onboard MV Queen Elizabeth in 2013. The testing covered the full suite of the IMO D2 standard, and was conducted onboard by PML Applications staff. The professional way in which the sampling was conducted, and the detailed reports provided has given us reassurance that the system works as intended, and confidence that it will continue to meet the demanding requirements of cruise itineraries. PML Applications continues to provide Cunard Line with performance monitoring of our BWTS in service." 

- Richard Catt - Environmental Manager

Coldharbour Marine

Coldharbour Marine has worked with PML Applications since 2009. The unique approach to Ballast Water Treatment adopted by Coldharbour Marine meant that independent verification of the efficacy of each of the treatment stages that make up the system was required.

PML Applications, with its unique blend of marine scientists, project management skills and deep understanding of the requirements of the IMO BWT Convention represented the perfect partner to carry out this work. We will continue to work with PML in the future as new projects and challenges arise.

- Andrew Marshall


We are currently working with the Strategic Research Centre of Rolls-Royce to develop novel approaches to the prevention and management of biofouling.

Major oil company

PML Applications was contracted by an ‘oil major’ to gain an understanding of the expected performance of the filters they were considering for their ballast water treatment systems (also referred to as BWTS).

The company operates ships which take on large quantities of sea water as ballast whilst unloading cargo in port. Understanding the environment in which ships operate is crucial for the efficient operation of ballast water treatment systems, as some tidal ports have very high suspended sediment levels present in their waters which vary significantly with time and depth. Sediment also poses a significant problem for ship operators as it collects in ballast tanks and requires regular, costly, removal.

There is also concern that ballast water treatment systems may slow ballasting and lengthen costly time in port because of filter back-flushing and/or filter clogging. In particular, this company wanted to understand how the measured port conditions (salinity, suspended sediment concentration and particle size distribution) compared to the test conditions encountered by any ballast water treatment systems being considered during the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) G-8 approval process.

Gailey Law

We contacted PML Applications for expert assistance in a large international dispute. The team’s expert evidence was accurate and concise. Very importantly, they made it easy to understand for a lay-person. PML Applications’ support was a strong factor in achieving an outstanding success in the case. I would have no hesitation in turning to PML Applications again for expert assistance.

- Bruce Gailey