Benthic survey showing various sea life

Marine Surveys

It is imperative that we monitor and conserve our diverse and vulnerable marine environment. Improved environmental management through the use of marine protected areas, impact assessments for development and other regulatory requirements mean that there is a demand for high quality scientific surveys. With unrivalled access to PML’s world class marine research we provide that little bit extra in what we deliver to our customers. Our experienced team is able to cover a wide range of different survey types.

We apply the latest scientific understanding, coupled with over 30 years of global marine sampling experience, to perform marine survey and environmental impact assessment services designed to meet our customers’ requirements. 

Benthic survey

habitat mapping and GIS

PML scientists have been designing, executing and interpreting benthic habitat assessments for over three decades. This wealth of experience is passed to our customers to ensure sampling strategies that are robust, representative and cost effective.
Impact assessment

Intertidal habitat mapping and GIS

Whether for impact assessment studies, marine conservation zone monitoring or condition assessment, we provide inter-tidal habitat mapping and services for a wide range of customers. Our pragmatic approach, coupled with a detailed understanding of these dynamic environments, ensures our customers receive high quality results, delivered on time and on budget.
Diver undertaking marine survey underwater

Diver surveys

Our HSE trained scientific dive team have a strong track record of providing surveys in a wide variety of environments and can be ready to mobilise at short notice. Our areas of expertise including macro algal identification, indicator species based assessments, whole assemblage assessments and biofouling surveys.
ADCP deployment

ADCP deployments

We specialise in deploying, retrieving and interpreting data from ADCP deployments in challenging marine environments. Our field operations are supported by peer reviewed scientific capability in the areas of hydrodynamics and modelling.
Habitat mapping

Impact assessments

We have a strong track record in delivering pre and post impact, environmental risk assessments. Our success stems from efficient planning of sampling efforts based on informed understanding of coastal marine environments. This understanding allows us to optimise time in the field to provide maximum value to our customers.
Undertaking port surveys

Specialist port surveys

By combining our multidisciplinary scientific capability, we deliver specialist port and harbour surveys that characterise the physical, chemical and biological parameters that matter to our customers. We work closely with relevant authorities to ensure our outputs are accessible and comprehensive to meet our customers varied requirements.